Step-Up People

September 2013 815
I realize I may sound like a bit of a baby in this post… But, I’m diving in, anyway…

Do you ever feel like if you are one of the people that step up, give it all you’ve got and then some, that the “powers that be” often expect more and more?  And that part is not such a big deal… The kick in the pants is that the people who do very little and seem more concerned with themselves than their responsibilities are the ones that get the support from the “powers that be” and if the “step-up” people don’t jump on the bandwagon, they are considered ungracious, mean-spirited, etc.

I’ve been wrestling with this for a long time now.  It’s gotten so bad that I can feel a root of bitterness rearing its ugly head now and then.  I’m a huge team-player kinda girl.  I’m all for picking up each other’s slack and behaving like a community.  I think that is essential in this world.  I’m not okay with being criticized for having healthy boundaries, being expected to not speak the truth, and not wanting to be part of an enabling crusade.  At some point, the life just gets sucked right out of ya, doesn’t it?!

Yep, I know this doesn’t sound very Christ-like on my part, but I’m not writing this to impress y’all with my holiness.  I’m trying to work things out and I’ve found that being transparent with my ugliness, helps me to get closer to where He wants me to be.   He wants me to have boundaries.  I’m finally getting comfortable with that, even though it’s always been hard for me to not be run by guilt since I became a believer…

Isn’t that silly?

The irony is that I’ve seen this at most of the churches I’ve been a part of, schools my kids have attended, as well as teams they have joined.  What are the stats?  Is it 10% of the people do the work for 90% and 90% do the work for 10%?  This isn’t anything new is it?…  I think I’ve just had my fill.  It’s why so many good people quit.  They get used up, burned out and hurt. I want to have my priorities in order and honor the parts of my life that deserve honoring and the people that deserve honoring. I want to be a cheerful team player that is allowed to say “No” on occasion. I don’t want to feel like this about the stuff around the parts I adore.  I want to encourage the “step-up” people to take care of themselves and I want to be sure they know how much I appreciate their dedication to the rest of the team.

…. I know it may sound silly to you, but I feel so much better already.  Thanks for listening.

I’m getting there.

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I am a Michigan girl from birth, but I have fallen in-love with Austin. Our family (my hubby and our 3 youngest, and then our oldest 2 years later) relocated here 13 years ago and since then our lives have been traumatized and transformed in more ways than I can begin to share. I hope to help others feel less alone with my blog because I have known loneliness in recent years unlike anything I've have ever experienced. I also hope I can work through some of my junk, because, Lord knows, I have a truck load of it and then some... Writing is my passion. It always has been and I believe that He made it so. Hitting publish is a bit like walking out the front door with your pants down, but I'm over playing it safe. I'm 50 (something) years old and I want to live my life more fully by putting myself out there: the good, the bad and the truly ugly... I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions!!

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